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Every ardent traveler dreams of flying off to the magnificent continent of Europe. Enticing the world with a plethora of culture, art, history and nature; Europe vacations are most-sought after! And however abundant the information available about Europe is, it can really get overwhelming.

To help anyone who wants to explore beautiful Europe, this is the right place. Offering up-to-date information on Europe travels, this is the perfect place to know more about the best travel tips about various destinations in Europe. Through its informative, well-researched and well-curated database, Europe trip planner can serve as a handy guide to plan your trip.

This website provides essential travel information to various top countries of Europe like Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. It also offers travel information for lesser visited countries like Croatia, Czech Republic and Netherlands. Taking you through the lanes and alleys of mystic cities of Paris, Rome and London, Europe Trip planner can be the only tour guide you will ever need for your European Sojourns.

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Excellent, insider travel tips to explore the cities and countries of Europe that will make you feel like a local.
Best places to visit, the top places to add to your itinerary if visiting for the first time.
Bunch of exciting, diverse range of activities and things to do in top European destinations
Best places to binge on scrumptious food in Europe that will lure your palette for more

Check out the array of travel information on Europe, choose the best destinations and start planning your trip, today!