6 Amazing Places To Visit In Rome

The Roman trip planner need only be introduced with the following words; When in Rome-

  1. Colosseum – The iconic landmark that has inspired many a fictional story with its own factual history, the roman Colosseum is one of the most riveting pieces of ancient architecture on the planet. Built during the literally first century of the modern world, this 2000 year old structure was once the home of gladiator battles and today makes for one of the most amazing tourist attractions available. A guided tour or even a walk through the colosseum is a quintessential part of the Roman experience where one can really sink into the deep ancient history this marvel represents.
  2. Baths of Caracalla – One of the lesser known ancient sites in Rome, the baths of Caracalla are a large system of public baths built during the 2nd century AD. Now a strange looking piece of history, the baths make for a fantastic day trip as the site spans a whopping 100,000 square meters of marble, lime and basalt structures. A guided tour of the site is a great source of knowledge and entertainment as tourists can learn about the ancient hypocaust heating system and the system that was used to bring water to and drain it from the structure.
  3. Pantheon – The former Roman temple turned church, the Pantheon is a must see on the vacation guide. Riddled with historic tombs, this structure is one of the most eye-catching and well preserved pieces of Roman architecture still standing? The large pillars and ancient writing make for a great photo op but the real brilliance is the restructured interiors which are absolutely stunning with Neoclassical architecture on the inside of the dome shaped roof, this is really one of the few places in the world to offer such a beautiful expanse of history and fine art in one.
  4. Sistine Chapel – Most famous for its unbelievable frescoes, the Sistine Chapel is a home of renaissance art and history like no other. Housing the “Creation of Adam” Fresco by Michelangelo, this structure has been turned into a museum that allows for a full day of breathtaking painted as well as sculpted art to be appreciated by all those who enter. This is an absolute must on the journey guide to Rome, though the structure does stand in Vatican City not Rome itself.
  5. St. Peter’s Basilica – The most striking courtyard and structure in Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Papal Basilica is the epitome of catholic history.  The entire complex is a work of art crafted by Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and others who crafted this immortal piece of the renaissance which is today visited by millions who wish to see the high seat of Christianity. The Apostolic Palace is also definitely worth the trip as this is the residence of the pope, although the current pope Francis resides in the Vatican guesthouse.
  6. Piazza Navona- For those with a taste for the modern life in this city of great history, the Piazza Navona is the perfect spot to meet with people for food and drinks. With its magnificent fountain in the middle of the square and myriad of bars and restaurants, all great evening plans can be seen to fruition in this elegant Roman square. As a bonus for a night on the town the vacation guide would be incomplete if it did not mention a walk through the old town as being the ultimate way to relax after a few drinks. Walking the cobblestone streets is really one of the best ways to enjoy #Rome as it was intended (beware that the cobblestones are not a great place for women to wear thin heeled shoes).

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