6 Best Places To Visit In Athens

A city that was contested for by the gods themselves, Athens (named after Athena, the god of wisdom, courage and inspiration), is made of the very history it represents. With alluring historical sites, miles of amazing beaches and clear blue waters and buildings that inspired centuries worth of architecture, any Athens trip planner would be incomplete without these 6 best places to visit in Athens-

1. Acropolis of Athens

 Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable of all Greece historical sites, the Acropolis is over 2500 years old and sits neatly atop a hill from which the whole city can be viewed in all its glory.  The Acropolis is a complex that houses the Parthenon, Theatre of Dionysus and the Temple of Athena amongst other ancient structures and statues. The Acropolis Restoration project, started in 1975 is now nearing completion which makes this the best time in decades to visit Athens and view this piece of history in all its glory. The photo ops at the site itself excellent but the views of the city from this spot are hard to beat.

2. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

 This museum is home to some of the most incredible pieces of archaeology from prehistory to the medieval period. The building itself is made in traditional Greek architecture and is a real sight to behold. Easily accessible by the Athens metro station which is a great way to explore the city, the Benaki Museum of Greek art and culture is also a few metro stops over. The National gardens which are a short walk from the Benaki Museum makes for a great day amongst nature with its long winding walking paths and lush green acres of land.

3. Plaka

 This quaint neighborhood is a must see on the Athens journey guide, with its thin alleys and neoclassical architecture that makes for a great day of exploring on foot. Plaka rests along the Northern and Eastern edge of the Acropolis slopes so one can make a trip to Plaka after this historical sightseeing. For some excellent Greek food, Kouklis Ouzeri restaurant and tavern is just an all-round great spot to get food and drinks with the family or friends.

4. Vouliagmeni Beaches

Greece is a country known for its clear blue waters and black sand beaches, although one would have to travel to the island of Mykonos to experience that. The Vouliagmeni beach is one of the best Greece has to offer, with its clean warm sands, cool light blue waters and never too crowded settings. The beach does technically rest in a municipality outside of Athens but is a literal 20 kilometers from the city and is therefore a must do when travelling to Athens.

5. Monastiraki

 One of the most fun experiences that Athens has to offer, the Monastiraki flea market is a must do on the vacation guide. Located in the old town of Athens it is one of the top shopping spots in all of Greece especially on Sundays when the specialty shops open up for tourists to gather as many trinkets and souvenirs as they can carry.

6. Mount Lycabettus

An ancient limestone hill, standing at 300m, Mount Lycabettus is has great sights to view from afar or view from atop. The hill offers an unprecedented view of the city, towering above all the other low rising buildings and dominating the “Skyline” of Athens. A trip to the top of Mount Lycabettus offers the most unbelievable views of Athens and the scene of the sunset from atop this mountain is often all one needs to really round up the Athens vacation experience.

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