6 Places To Visit In Madrid

Madrid is the Spanish capital, both politically and for football, fashion and everything in between. These 6 places to visit in Madrid are simply too captivating to miss. This regal city in the heart Spain is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world and any Madrid trip planner would be incomplete without –

1. Madrid Plaza Mayor

A structure straight out of history, this 400 year old plaza is at the heart of Madrid and is an absolute must see on the Madrid journey guide. The plaza is lined with cafes and restaurants where a calamari sandwich and cold beer are highly recommended. The shops lining the plaza practically enable shopaholics offering literally everything from high end clothing to souvenirs to local specialty shops. Being one of the most easily accessible places in the city whether walking, cab or metro, the Madrid Plaza Mayor and its surrounding smaller plazas make for days of entertainment and multiple trips.

Madrid Plaza Mayor

2. Santiago Bernabeu

 One of the world’s premier stadiums, the Santiago Bernabeu is the home of Real Madrid and some of the finest football in the Spanish league and undoubtedly, the world. An evening spent watching football at the Santiago Bernabeu, with its capacity of over 81,000, is one of the finest experiences that Madrid has to offer (But one should consider booking tickets well in advance if they wish to get good seats). Even during the off season, travel to the Bernabeu is well worth the time as the stadium is a structure of immense importance both for the sport and architecture.

3. Museo Nacional Del Prado

 A vacation in Madrid would be incomplete without witnessing the massive collection of European art offered by the Museo Nacional Del Prado. The collection boasts a massive 2,300 pieces making for a full day’s worth of art appreciation and at only 2.5km from the Plaza mayor, the journey guide dictates dining at the Plaza Mayor as the best way to take a break for the afternoon before heading back for another round.

The Royal Palace Madrid

This gorgeous piece of Baroque architecture was home to the Spanish Royal Family is only a short subway ride away from the central Plaza Mayor. With a very reasonable admission fee, exploring the castle is an absolute must do on the vacation guide. The castle spans a massive 135,000 square meters and contains an astounding 3,418 rooms but most importantly the palace houses a notable amount of artwork and is incredibly lavish. A visit to the palace can be supplemented with a subsequent sight-seeing trip to the Zarzuela Palace which is the actual residence of the Spanish Royal Family (located on the outskirts of the city).

The Royal Palace of Madrid

5. Gran Via

No Madrid vacation is complete with a visit to the Gran Via which is an regal shopping street in central Madrid. The whole area speaks volumes about Madrid’s culture, being full of life through the night and housing some of the most extravagant casinos and theaters in Madrid. The Gran Via is literally the one stop on the vacation guide that is tailor-made for the young and restless tourist with the highlight being the Beer and Tapas tour only a short distance from the main boulevard.

6. Madrid Nightlife

 This entry on the list is far broader due to the immensely packed nightlife scene in Madrid where the clubs are running through the week. With literally hundreds of clubs to choose from, travelers can pick from packed nightclubs to quiet pubs to spend their nights but the club Dark Hole is especially unique being one of the few goth clubs remaining followed by the Berlin Cabaret and Siroco both of which offer unforgettable experiences for a variety of reasons.

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