Never Miss These Best Places In Dubrovnik

In the famed region of Dalmatia, on the Adriatic Sea is the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The prominent city is an important sea port and possibly one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Any Dubrovnik trip planner would be incomplete without these best places in Dubrovnik:

Visiting the Walls of Dubrovnik

“As seen in the movies” is the perfect way to define these historic walls that were built between the 7th and 17th century. The walls themselves were built as a defensive measure to protect the citizens of this southern Croatian city as it was a major sea port and brought a lot of wealth and trade to Croatia. The walls are built out of limestone and it is highly recommended to take a walking tour around the walls as the rich history and architecture of these walls is a Croatian vacation staple.


This for, also known as the St. Lawrence Fortress doubles as a theatre outside the western walls of Dubrovnik. By the looks of this fort from a slight distance it looks absolutely impregnable and stands atop a rocky face of the coast right over the sea. The location offers some of the best photo ops that Dubrovnik has to offer. The fort, naturally, has a very rich history of conflict, specifically in the Croats resisting the Venetian rule. The fort is again built with limestone and is well worth the trip for both the history buff and the average traveler alike as the fort is a fantastically regal looking structure.

A day on the island of Lokrum

This location earns a spot on this journey guide to Dubrovnik for being an entire day’s worth of history and adventure for any traveler. The island is 600 meters off the coast from Dubrovnik and one can access it with a ferry from the city. An early ferry ride is the best way to see the most of Lokrum as the countless historical buildings, lawns and gardens to walk through. The tours around the island, again, come highly recommended for those interested in a vacation of education.

A day on the Island of Mljet

Island of Mljet

When vacationing in Dubrovnik it is almost essential to visit the nearby islands for a day at least and just like Lokrum, Mljet is another such, slightly larger island that is definitely worth the time. The island is a slightly different experience from the rest on the list as it has beaches, caves and lakes that are perfect for the more adventurous traveler’s fancy. The island also has monasteries that are ready to be explored and offer maybe the second best photo ops in Croatia. One can also choose to visit Banje, Dubrovnik’s own city beach; however it can get very crowded at some points of the year when tourism booms.

St. Saviour’s Church

A small church located in the Old town part of Dubrovnik, St. Saviour’s Church is dedicated to Jesus Christ and stands as a perfect example of Croatia’s history as a European nation, with its gothic architecture and bold look. The church is an excellent place to start a walk through the old town where one can shop for souvenirs, drink some of the fine Croatian wines at the local pubs and also try some of the local food.

Visit Nautika

One of the best places in the city to eat a meal is the restaurant Nautika which offers amazing panoramic views of the sea and coastal buildings. Nautika makes this journey guide to Dubrovnik for being the absolute best place to have an evening meal with close friends or a loved one while enjoying some of the best views on the entire continent.

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