best places to visit in France


Best Places To Visit

France; the name itself conjures up images of beautiful gothic architecture, clear cool days and of course, the Eiffel tower. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this beautiful country and any French trip planner would be incomplete if it did not include-

Paris – Without a doubt one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world, Paris has a lot to offer to all those who include it in their vacation guide. One may start their trip from the ever famous Eiffel tower but the medieval Notre Dame cathedral is a real sight to behold with its rich history and brilliant gothic architecture, it really is a quintessential part of French travel. For a dose of culture and well-preserved history, one would look no further than the Louvre, the biggest museum in the world which is home to the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa. The museum is only a stone’s throw from the famous Seine River which makes for a very scenic walk and great photo ops.

Versailles – Only a short drive out of Paris, Versailles is a city is most well known for being the former seat of power of the French Monarch, King Louis XIII. A trip to the palace of Versailles deserves its own entry on any vacation guide because it is one of the most magnificent formally royal structures to still stand on Earth. Built during the 17th century, the palace rests on over 7 hectares of land, lush with gardens, making for a great day immersed in the rich French history. Another iconic location is the Hall of Mirrors a truly magnificent remnant from the era of Louis the XIV. For a day outdoors, a trip to the Gardens of Versailles offers a magnificent experience of French ornamental gardens, as well as fountains that put all the senses at ease.

Cannes – World renown for the Cannes Film Festival, the resort town of Cannes is frequented by tourists and celebrities alike. The Boulevard de la Croisette that runs along the length of the town coast is lined with rich clean beaches and amazing hotels. Shopping in Cannes is an unbelievable experience with boutique shops offering real one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories and the chance to run into a movie star or two. The Brague River offers a one of a kind hiking or even leisurely walking experience amongst nature at its finest while the Lerins Abbey monastery is the best place to soak up the rich culture of this small but wonderful town.

Bordeaux – Known for its wine and often remembered only fuzzily because of it, Bordeaux offers all the sightseeing any traveler could ever hope for. What necessitates Bordeaux’s inclusion on the vacation guide is its Gothic landmarks, including Place de La Bourse, Basilica of St. Michael and of course the Bordeaux Cathedral which all offer brilliant photo ops and insights into the rich history of this city. The Pont de Pierre, a nearly 200-year-old stone bridge over the Garonne River, is the perfect place for a relaxed evening walk and as the evening comes to a close, the beautiful lighting of the bridge is quite a sight to behold.

Lyon – One of the smaller cities but nonetheless a brilliant vacation spot, Lyon offers all the art and entertainment one can ask for. The Fourviere district is packed with museums, amphitheaters, and churches which can make for a great walking trip while the Lyon Cathedral completes the French architecture tour. As an alternative one can take a trip to the Museum of Fine arts, a landmark in Lyon with a huge collection from all eras.The basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere really rounds the vacation guide up with a great view overlooking the city and marvelous architecture that leave all those who visit in awe.

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