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Italy, the home of Rome, is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. Famous for its climate, fashion and, of course, food, Italy makes for the ultimate all-in-one vacation. With all the different places in this beautiful country to see, any Italy trip planner would be incomplete if it did not include-

Rome- This city is an essential part of the vacation guide, being the home of the ancient Roman Colosseum, iconic renaissance art and Vatican City, residence of the Pope. Housing nearly 3000 years of history over a vast 1300kms, Rome is sure to keep even the most active tourist busy for the longest of trips. Some of the other key things to see include St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Pantheon, which houses historic tombs from Roman history.

Venice- Dubbed “The City of Water”; Venice makes for the perfect vacation spot for couples, as well as tourists who wish to experience the most unique travel of their lifetimes. The city is home to a huge and intricate system of canals that serve as roads to guide you along rows and rows of ancient Renaissance and Gothic points of interest. A trip down to the Campanile will allow visitors to view the city from atop the bell tower, giving them one of the most spectacular shots of the endless red roofs.
Naples- Credited with being the home of the original Margherita pizza, Naples is an absolute must on any journey guide to Italian food. The delicious and unique wood fired pizza created in pizzerias all around the city have been lauded as being the finest in the world with the Pizzeria Starita and Di Matteo restaurants being stand-outs even with the stiff competition. If it’s a trip for food, it’s a trip to Naples.

Sicily- The largest of the Mediterranean islands, Sicily is just offshore of the Italian mainland and is home to some of the most well preserved Greek monuments in the world. The Sicilian city of Taormina is home to one of the world’s most revered Film Festivals which has seen attendance from the likes of Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Robert De Niro and Elizabeth Taylor, making for an unbeatable cultural travel.

Milan- Without a doubt one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Milan is at the top of any Italian trip planner for an unmatched shopping spree. Being the economic and education capital of Italy, the city is a bustling, populated hub for all manner of activity. The city makes for a great trip for fashion lovers and football fanatics alike, being home to Versace, D&G and Fendi to name a few along with one of Europe’s biggest football clubs, AC Milan. The cultural significance of a vacation to this city can be summed up with 3 words that any vacation guide would be proud to hold; “The Last Supper”. Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece is housed in the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent; a true testament to the fact Milan really does have it all.

Florence- A beautiful name befitting a beautiful city, Florence is in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is home to some of the most visually stunning places to visit in all of Italy including the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall that sits beside the Piazza del Signoria which, in turn, is next to the Cellini statue “Perseus with the Head of Medusa”. A trip to the stone pedestrian bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, is essential as it is a great spot for photography and is home to a large number of jewelry stores all while being a stone’s throw away from great works by Da Vinci and Botticelli.

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