Cities You Can Not Afford to Miss in Spain

Best Places To Visit

Sunny Spain is home to some of the most inviting destinations on the planet, offering the greatest experiences possible. Any Spain itinerary would be incomplete without the inclusion of the thrilling prospects that await all those travelling to this exciting destination. Here are some of the cities you can not afford to Miss in Spain your first trip.

Barcelona: City Not to be Missed

Probably the most well-known of all the Spanish cities on this list, whether it is because of football or the beautiful beaches, Barcelona is one of the key destinations on the vacation guide. A vacation spent at Barceloneta beach, with its Cube monuments and sand artists to entertain, is sure to be a good one. The alternative for those who wish to visit a quieter beach is Bogatell Beach.

The prospect of watching a football match at the home stadium of Barcelona FC, arguably one of the biggest football clubs in the world, can make a trip to Barcelona well worth the time. Football fans can opt to spend an evening at the Camp Nou stadium or go out to one of Barcelona’s many famous clubs including La Terrrazza which is housed inside the Casa Son Berga, an old mountaintop castle, making for a unique mix of culture and nightlife.However for a more distilled cultural destination is desired, then the journey guide must include the La Sagrada Familia Church, an unfinished church which makes for a truly unique photo spot. The vacation would be entirely incomplete without a trip to the Picasso Museum which is the permanent home of the famous painter’s early works. Another definitive Barcelona experience is the walking street, Las Ramblas which is lined with cafes and shops, a guaranteed fun trip for every member of any family.

Madrid: Home of Real Madrid

Spain’s most populous city, Madrid is considered one of the world’s finest spots for fashion and yes, as is custom for Spain, football. Home of Real Madrid, another of the world’s biggest clubs, any Spanish vacation guide demands that football fans visit Madrid. The Plaza Mayor or Main Square in Madrid, built during the 16th Century, stands as the central plaza of the city. The huge bronze King Philip the 3rd statue in the middle of the square is a sight to behold and one can spend days sitting at the restaurants around the edges of the plaza. If one would rather vacation amongst nature, the city is home to the 350 acre Buen Retiro Park. The park has a huge lake with boats as well as many sculptures and monuments to be seen on a leisurely day. The Rosaleda Garden houses various different types of roses making for a great early morning trip. Right alongside is the “Fountain of the Falling Angel”, named after the most famous of all fallen angels, Lucifer, one of the few public monuments to the devil himself, an undoubtedly unique attraction.

Granada: Marvelous Medieval Architecture

Granada photo

A city widely known for its amazing medieval architecture, Granada is well worth the travel. Granada has a rich history of conflict that has left its mark to be viewed in awe by all those who vacation here. Amongst these marvels is Alhambra, the fortified complex previously occupied by the Moors. The Royal Chapel of Granada is the burial site for ancient Catholic kings making for an unbeatable cultural experience and the Generalife palace makes for a great day observing elaborate gardens almost 1000 years old.

Ibiza: Hippie Destination Not to be Missed

Ibiza photo

This Island 150 km off the coast of Spain is the party capital of the world, housing some of the greatest clubbing destinations along with great beaches all around. Club Amnesia and Club Space are prime examples of nightlife frequented by several high profile DJs from around the world. Ibiza has gained huge notoriety as THE go to spot for any travellers seeking the best party experience of their lifetime. Checkout why Ibiza is in Hippie destinations around the world here.

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