Best places to visit in Switzerland


Best Places To Visit

If the thought of Switzerland does not place an image of serene, cool beauty in one’s head, then a vacation to this magnificent country with place it in front of their eyes. Any Swiss trip planner would be entirely incomplete if it did not include-

The Swiss Alps– For fans of skiing, hiking, walking and everything in between Switzerland offers some of the most jaw-dropping mountains in the world. A trip to the Swiss Alps would be incomplete without seeing the magnificent Matterhorn which has inspired several desktop wallpapers over the years and the La Citta Alta with its cable car is sure to provide some great memories to take home with you. One of quintessential things to experience in the Swiss Alps is skiing and the Gemsstock ski area is undoubtedly one of the best the world has to offer in this regard.

Zurich– The world’s capital for finance and banking, Zurich rests north of Zurich Lake and has been the spot for many movie scenes showing the picturesque beauty of the Swiss country. Filled with places to see such as the waterfront promenades along the Limmat River, a vacation in Zurich can fulfill anyone’s desire to view places from medieval history. However, Bahnofsstrasse boulevard is the ultimate travel destination for those who wish to shop high end fashion as well as see the numerous and famous banks of Switzerland.

Geneva– Possibly the most recognizable spot in all of Switzerland, it is home to the Jet d’Eau fountain, shooting water 140 meters about Lake Geneva. But nothing from Switzerland is more famous than the watches and the chocolates and for that one need not look further than the Geneva city center which houses a myriad of both. A journey guide to Geneva would be impossible to complete without mention of the Right Bank of the Rhone River which is home to several visually stunning parks and museums that house some of the finest European art and architectural marvels.

Lucerne– The vacation guide for medieval architecture need only really include the small thirty square kilometer city of Lucerne which plays host to some of the best preserved medieval structures and is surrounded by scenic mountains at Lake Lucerne. A vacation in Lucerne is the ultimate way to enjoy medieval architecture as well as be a stone’s throw from the excitement of both hiking and skiing in the mountains. A day well spent is a day aboard the steamships that allow tourists to view the city and mountains from afar on Lake Lucerne. Alternatively one can take a trip aboard the cogwheel railway that runs through the steep vertical rock walls of Mt. Pilatus.

Bern– Capital city of Switzerland, travelling to this city is like travelling back in time to the 12th century, with its preserved medieval architecture wrapped neatly around the Aare River. Bern has an abundance of old castles and towers to be seen, allowing any traveller to witness the seat of power in the Swiss country. The Renaissance Bundeshaus or “Federal Palace” is the meeting point of the Swiss parliament and other diplomats while the Franzosische Kirche or French Church is the house of worship for those who wish to see beautiful 13th century architecture in all its glory. A trip to the Gothic Cathedral of Bern with its 600 year old tall stained glass windows through which to view the Old town roofs is one of the greatest sights to see in this entire beautiful country, which is no small feat. Of course, no journey guide to Bern would be complete without witness the beautiful bears who play mascot to the city at BarenPark, their riverside habitat.

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