Top Tourist Attractions In Prague

Prague is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after destinations for, both, vacationing and for young students to study abroad. The city sees huge crowds of tourists and students alike, attracted by its rich history of conflict, art and architecture and of course, the friendly and helpful locals. Any Prague trip planner would be incomplete if it did not include these top tourist attractions in Prague-

The Lenon Wall

The Lenon Wall

An predictable entry on this list, the John Lennon Wall in Prague is famous for being one of the most photographed (And yes, Instagrammed) locations in all of the Czech Republic. The wall originally stood the grounds of Prague an ordinary structure until the 1980s when people began filling it with graffiti and lyrics from their favorite Beatles songs. The wall is now an impressive work of cooperative art that stands as a reminder of the struggles of the people of Prague in the 80s and 90s. A tour around the wall and actually reading some of what is written on it can be an incredible experience and the rich history of the wall is sure to delight all travelers.

Prague Astronomical Clock

A high priority on the Czech vacation guide, Prague Orloj is a 600 year old massive mechanical clock that is located in the town square and is still operating to this day. Installed in the 15th century, this mechanical clock is the third oldest one in the world and is quite a work of art in itself. The spectacular timepiece is made up of three components that serve to represent the astronomical bodies most prudent to our lives on Earth (i.e. the sun and moon) and their place in the sky as well as moving sculptures which each represent great local legends. The folklore around the clock is an incredibly interesting story to hear, especially when heard at one of the many little coffee shops around the city with their friendly operators, who make the trip all the more warm and welcoming.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Another spot for some of the best photo ops in all of Prague, the Charles Bridge is an iconic piece of 14th century architecture that stretches across the Vltava River. A walk over the bridge during the evening hours offers some of the greatest sights in the whole city from just about 13 meters above the water. The bridge was built under King Charles IV and has a rich history that one can opt to learn about with a guided tour of the bridge which is readily available. The Charles Bridge is an important part of the journey guide to Prague being that it is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the country.

The Vysehrad

A personal favorite, the Vysehrad is a brilliant trip to make for a day as it is a large building complex built circa 10th Century AD. The best way to see this historical piece of architecture is to first go via the Charles Bridge as the complex is on a hill over the Vltava River and can be the next stop. The view of the Vysehrad from a distance is also absolutely breathtaking. The complex holds a number of great places to visit including the burial sites of important people from Czech History and brilliant pieces of century’s old architecture and even the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul.

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