Unforgettable Things To Do In Italy

If you are planning your next dream vacation to Italy, do not think twice. With the museums, churches and archaeological sites, Italy is like a lesson to be learned by everyone. It has perfectly got a different story for everyone. For some it’s having the delicious pizzas while for some it may be the beautiful art and paintings collection. Here is a perfect vacation guide and the most unforgettable things to do in Italy if you are planning a one soon. Here is a perfect vacation guide for you Italy Itinerary 10 Days

Gondola Rides in Venice:

Gondola is the first word that comes to everyone’s mind when it is Venice. But apart from these beautiful Gondola rides, you should take a night ride on the vaporetto which is a beautiful slow boat ride. And the best part is, they serve a fresh cold gelato while you are in the ride, making you trip more memorable.
Gondola Rides in Venice

Italy for the Art Lovers:

While many people skip Milan, it is always a good idea to travel Milan and see the famous masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci. You will only get 15 minute time limit to see it as well as the booking needs to done in advance. But the excursion trip is totally worth the money.

If you are an art over, you should not miss the Renaissance art at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. You will find some of the most beautiful paintings ever here in the gallery done by the maestros of Italian Renaissance. Also, coming to the art and history, Vatican guided tours are one of the must do thing in Italy.  Rather than exploring the Vatican on your own, try to travel and explore with a guide so that your time is utilized in seeing the most important pieces.  You might also be lucky to get a bonus visit to St. Peters Basilica.

Mouth Watering Italian Food:

When it comes down to the food in Italy, pizza is obviously the one thing you should definitely not miss on your trip. Craving for some delicious authentic pizzas? Naples is the place you should be at. It is the birthplace of pizza. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get some of the most authentic and fresh pizzas here. Also, do not forget to get a scoop of Gelato as soon as you are done with your pizza. Italian streets are best explored with a scoop of Gelato. And the best part is, Gelato here is made with milk and not cream giving it a rich taste.
Mouth Watering Italian Pizza

Historical and Natural Things to See in Italy:

When you think of Italy, ruins are the things that come to your mind. Well you can see some of the ancient Greek and Roman ruins in the city of Sicily. Pompeii is another place to be at, if you are a history lover.

While much of Italy gets loads of sun, coast Smeralda is the part where the weather is pleasant and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Sardinia is one such amazing island full of white sand beaches.

If you wish to get lost in the city, Venice is the place to be at. The island is full of beautiful canals and houses based on them. You can spend an entire day here just seeing the beauty of the canal city.

Italy travel plan is never complete without an opera show at Verona, the oldest amphitheater here. It is a grand spectacle in itself, when the whole place is filled with music and lights.

To sum up, Italy is a perfect combination of arts, culture, food and amazing people. Start planning your trip with some of the travel applications which can act as your journey guide for the best experience. Slow down, see as much as you can and cherish those memories forever.

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