Athens Travel Guide : Tips For Planning Your Trip

There is so much to consider while you are looking at a trip to the hub of Greek Mythology- Athens. First there is of course the weather to consider, the perfect season to go so that you do not miss out on the best air fares or miss out on the pleasant climatic conditions to look at the best of attractions. With all the details, Athens Travel Guide will definitely help you and provide you important tips. Then you have to consider the kind of attractions that you want to visit so that you can see the best of Athens, the food- there is basically so much to see here that you definitely need a long list of tips to plan a trip to Athens. Let us see in detail how to ace that perfect planning to this Greek gem.  

Perfect Weather- Best Time To Visit

Mid March to Mid May is simply the best time to explore Athens climate wise. Although, the tourist season starts in August and you are sure to not find any Athenian exploring the streets at the time so mingling with locals is out of question if you plan to visit during August and September. The temperature goes upto an unbearable 35 degrees Celsius to a 38 degrees Celsius during this time and sometimes the rains of September can get scared of the heat in August and let it take its course until the end of the month. October to November is the beautiful fall season to visit and December generally sees a lot of celebrations. You will get decent airfares during March and October, but avoiding during August is good for any tourist that wants to take his own pace exploring Athens.

What To See And What To Opt For?

Trip to Athens GuideWell, there are a number of walking tours for you to undertake to make sure you do not miss out on even an ounce of history that is associated with the most marvellous wonders and attractions of the World. Do not miss out on the Acropolis or the Parthenon. The Acropolis Museum and Erechtheion are sights to behold. The Theatre of Dianysus, Temple of Athena Nike, Plaka, Ancient Agora are definitely sights that you have to include in your itinerary planner.  

How To Sort Out Your Internal Travel!

If you are worried about how you will get so much done on your trip, then do not worry; the internal travel of Athens is commendable. The metro system is extremely proficient and is the best way to get around the city, especially to the harbours if you want to take a boat ride to the nearby islands. Next option to opt for is the bus and the trolley system which is great. There are also various rent a car options available, try avoiding the cabs as they can get really expensive. The best way to explore this city is undoubtedly on foot to absorb each and every corner of the city.

Where To Stay And What To Eat?

There are options ranging from budget to luxury with all necessities to make sure that your trip goes right as planned. You can choose from the wide range of accommodations, but make sure you book well in advance because Athens attracts a lot of tourists all year round, especially during the months of August and September. Athens is a haven for food lovers, especially for the ones that want to try out the Greek delicacies. Restaurants that should definitely find a special place on your itinerary are- Spondi, known for its French cuisine; Kiku- known for its Japanese specialties and ESTIATORIO MILOS ATHENS- which is the best for Greek cuisine.

These are some top tips in this Athens Travel Guide which you can keep in mind while you plan a trip to Athens to make sure your experience is as memorable as the marvelous sights of the city!

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