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Bologna is a city possibly best known for its historical past and lively culture and as such, it is a highly sought after vacation destination. Because of the innumerable ways to enjoy this city and all it has to offer, these Bologna – Useful Travel Tips will help you to make most of it –

Know the weather you want

Bologna, like most of the rest of Italy, can get quite hot and humid in the summer months of July and August and it is therefore least advisable to go during this time of the year as in this town one would want to walk around outside. However the winters are also quite cold and humid and can be more uncomfortable depending on personal preference. It is therefore best to vacation in this town during the months of fall when it is most temperate. Most people opt to visit during March which is also a good option, however the place can get quite crowded and that can make going to tourist spots quite a hassle.

Know what you want to see

Bologna is, in itself a treat for the eyes. The city is a very active and fun place to be regardless of what one wants to see. However with all the history and culture that the city has it is best to plan beforehand what one would like to see during the trip. Some of the most famous landmarks should definitely be on the docket for anyone travelling to this city, such as the Fountain of Neptune, Basilica di San Petronio and the Two towers as well. Whilst you can make a day out of just visiting these places, it is actually best to spread the tourist attractions out over the duration of the visit more evenly and take more time to explore the city itself.

The food you wish to eat

Like any other Italian city, Bologna is a place you visit with the intent of stuffing your face with the local food. The city is a paradise for the foodie and includes some great local cuisine to enjoy during the above mentioned relaxed days of visiting tourist sites. Some of the foods that should definitely be tried during your Bologna vacation are the Antipasti which is a starter that comes highly recommended. The Primi Piatti is a great first course meal and Tortellini is another one to not miss out one. Of course it wouldn’t be Italy without trying some of the local pizza but don’t forget to also try the Lasagna which is a local favourite.

The place you wish to stay

Although you could book a hotel room and enjoy a luxurious stay, the best way to enjoy this beautiful city is to add a homestay to the journey guide. One can best enjoy the city on a smaller budget by staying in one of the warm homely Airbnbs or one of the boutique hotels instead of the more expensive chain hotels as this really allows you to feel the culture of the city and mingle with the locals that you will interact with on a daily basis during your stay. Another good option is to stay with family or friends if possible as this city really is best experienced with some of the locals who can show you around.

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