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Travel tips to plan a trip to Croatia – Visa, See, Get Around, Stay, Food

One of the most , Croatia is nothing short of a natural paradise. About 1244 islands, forests and vineyards, you’ll have to think twice before terming Croatia as one of the usual beach destinations. Even though, Croatia is one of the most geographically complex country, but it is just worth your every penny. But before planning your trip to Croatia, you have to make sure you have kept certain things in mind. Following the below listed things will help you in making your trip, an affair to remember.

After falling into the EU, the visa requirements have not really changed if one wants to visit Croatia. People who are residents of EU or countries like USA and Canada, don’t require visa for a stay of 180 days or less. For other countries, you can file an online application for visa.

Best time to visit Croatia
The best time to visit Croatia is in the months of May, June, October and November. These months are known as shoulder months and are apt for sunbathing and chilling beach side.

Major attractions

Croatia has so many things to do and attractions to visit, that you’ll surely have an interesting time. Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split are some of the famous destinations and should be on the top of your must see list. But if you’re looking for something different, then Croatia also has plenty of offbeat destinations which can make it to the priority list.

Most prominent ones being the Plitvice Lakes and Hvar town.

Local travel
You can travel within Croatia by multiple options. The various options include railways, by plane, by road, bus and even ferry.

Croatia witnesses a huge turnout of tourists, every year. But majority of them are backpackers, Hence, keeping this in mind, there are a lot of hostels and budget hotels in Croatia. Also present are luxurious resorts for those who don’t want to compromise with comfort.

Croatia is mostly famous for the sea food. On your visit here, try tasting the ever so delicious squids, tuna, shrimps and the quirky octopus salad.

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