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Travel tips for a trip to Germany:

Germany has its fair share of complicated past but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is indeed a beautiful country. Hence if you’re planning a trip, then Germany is a strong contender to be your top pick for the next tourist destination. Much like the country, which is planned in every possible manner, hence it is also advisable to properly plan your trip to Germany, well before time.

Here are certain tips if you’re planning a trip to Germany which includes the best time to visit, major attractions and other specialities!


First and foremost, you have to get your visa done, well in advance. If you are a resident of Schengen countries, then you’ll not require a visa to travel to Germany. But if that is not the case, then one unified document named Schengen Visa which will allow you to travel to Germany. In addition, this document can work as a visa for other Schengen countries like Austria, Belgium and Finland.

Best time to visit:

The peak season in Germany is during the months starting from May to October. This is the time when the tourists across the world visit Germany in huge numbers. Also, there is major boom in tourism in Germany in the month of December during Christmas and the Christmas markets here are one of the best in the world.


If ancient architecture is what excites you, then Germany is a treasure for you! Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt are one of the most popular cities in Europe and should not be missed. But other underrated gems like Nuremberg, Cologne and Ramsau are also worth every penny. In addition to many ancient buildings, Germany also has many car museums, only if wheels excite you like anything. Germany is a home to major automobile companies like BMW and hence you’ve just got one more reason to visit here. There are also many theme parks in Germany and places of recreation which will keep you hooked. Also present is a bustling night life which is a cherry on the cake for every party lover.

Local travel:

If you are planning to travel to Germany, then you can do that with a multiple of transport options. By road, by rail and by air. The choice is yours! Also open are options to travel by bus or boat.


One of the major tips if you’re planning a trip to Germany is to choose your accommodation wisely. Germany offers a diverse options of accommodation options from luxury hotels to budget motels. If you’re planning to go backpacking and don’t want to spend much on hotels, then opt for hostels which are very pocket friendly.


When in Germany, eat like Germans do! Hence, if you want to explore Germany is a perfect manner, then make sure you taste the authentic German cuisine. In addition to restaurants serving German food, there are many others which are multi-cuisine. Italian, Chinese, Indian and what not! If you have a thing for freshly brewed beer, then try planning your trip during the time of Oktoberfest in Munich! Oktoberfest is one of the most popular party festivals in the world and is also the most visited.

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