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Travel tips for a trip to Ireland – Visa, See, Get Around, Stay, Food

One of the most beautiful and heavenly tourist destinations in Europe, Ireland is a traveler’s paradise. Stunning locations and breathtaking views straight from your favorite sitcom ‘Game of Thrones’, Ireland is a major tourist destination in Europe. Visiting Ireland is on top priority of every traveler because it has so much to offer. Some great attractions to visit and fantastic things to do, a trip to Ireland is far from being a disappointment. Hence, if you’re planning a trip to Ireland, you should note down certain important tips before making necessary booking and planning an itinerary.

On your trip to Ireland, make sure you have a lot of time and money. Only to be on a safe side, because the place offers a plentiful of things to explore and experience.

Here are certain tips if you’re planning a trip to Ireland which include the best time to visit, major attractions and other specialties!

If you hold a residence card of a European Union Citizen or a convention travel document and wish to stay in Ireland for a short duration, then you don’t require the Irish visa. But for others, you need to file an application online.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit Ireland is during the summer season. This is the time when you get to see the true beauty of the country. But this is also the most expensive time to visit the country.This is also the most crowded period in Ireland.

Dublin, Galway, Cork and Waterford are some of the major cities in this country which you just can’t afford to miss. Places soaked in ancient architecture and full of old world charm, the major attractions in Ireland will take you back in good old times. Also there are a good number of places for recreation.

Local travel
Most of the places in Ireland can be reached by planes, buses and by road.

Luxurious hotels customized specially keeping your comfort in mind are plenty in Ireland. Even though during the peak period, the rates of hotels soar higher, still they’re just worth it! Hotels are located in some stunning locations and give a great view from your hotel room.

Irish stew, Goody and Gur cake are some of the relishable delicacies which will pamper your taste buds, on your visit here.

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