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Spain is not only about Barcelona or Madrid but it’s much more than that. So, while you plan your perfect trip to Madrid, we share some of the coolest and easiest ways to make it happen for you.

Right from the known places to visit in Madrid, to the right time to travel and the awesome Madrid tourist attractions, we tell you all!

When to travel
Spain usually is warmer than other western European countries, it goes cold enough for boots and a good overcoat, even in the south of Spain. Rains are hardly uncommon in early winter. So, the best time to travel to the south of Spain (Jaen, Almeria, Granada, Andulusia, Huelva), is just after the summer, right from September to early November. That is because the summer crowds have left, and the autumn has decorated the countryside in mystic magical colors.

What to see
You may visit the Madrid’s vibrant main square PLAZA Mayor Madrid, The beautiful 19th century park called Buen Retiro park, then there is this ancient Egyptian temple Debod. If you are more artistic, visit the Royal Palace of Madrid which is the purest form of finest artwork architecture. These are some of the best things to see in Madrid and you just cannot afford to miss them.

Book early
Be it your flights or hotels, always book well in advance so that you save huge already. Moreover, you can also check out discounts and seasonal deals on holiday packages that help you save again. Make your vacation plans a good 3-4 months in advance, always.

Stay local
Avoid expensive hotel stays, instead go for the rustic local charm and experience the bliss of staying in the most natural habitats just as the locals stay. You’d get to know the cuisine and lifestyle of the people, along with many other interesting things. You may try AirBnb, couch surfing , home stay resorts, condos, basements and lots other options.

Get a travel rewards credit card
Meaning, every time you cover up certain miles and spend on the go, you get reward points for each purchase that you make. What’s more? You can even redeem these points at the time of your international trip. Roam all over and explore all the Madrid attractions which please you and make your own travel journal

Start volunteering
If you are talented and passionate about something, go forward and teach it to others while you’re on your trip. There’s nothing more rewarding and encouraging than building a society, teaching. Get in touch with travel planners for such queries.So stop worrying about what to do in Madrid, we just suggested you a series of fun activities!

So, next time you pack your bags, make sure you keep all these tips and hacks in mind and travel like a pro.. These tips are tried and tested, do share them with your other travel buddies as well and be a smart traveler.

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