Milan Travel Tips – Quick Hints To Plan Your Trip

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Milan is known for being the home of great food, fashion and football but this beautiful Italian city is so much more. From its beautiful architectural sites to its rich culture and history, any Milan trip planner would be incomplete if it didn’t provide the following Milan travel tips-

Know The Weather You Want

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

As with any part of the world, there are good times to visit and there is the best time to visit. This is especially true for a popular vacation spot like Milan which people from around the world flock to during the spring and fall months which can make the city quite crowded.

Tourist spots and eateries are filled with people making the experience a little tiring; therefore it is best to visit Milan during the end of the winter months or towards the end of tourist season. It is unadvisable to visit during the summer as it can get quite hot and uncomfortable.

The Sights You Wish To See

Statue of Leonardo da Vinci, Milan

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Now obviously with the heavy number of tourists travelling to Milan sees, it is well worth the visit to see some of the greatest historical sites in the world. But with plenty of options, it is advisable to know in advance what one wishes to see, especially if the plan is to visit during the spring or fall months when more people are in the city.

The Duomo di Milano cathedral is a breathtaking piece of gothic architecture that should not be missed and even if it calls for standing in long lines, the viewing of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci in the Santa Maria delle Grazie should be a top priority on the vacation guide.

The Experiences To Be Had

Teatro Alla Scala Milan

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Being that Italy is home to some of the greatest football clubs in the world as well as high fashion the likes the you are unlikely to see the world over, it is almost absolutely necessary to shortlist the things to do. A visit to the Brera district is sure to fulfill all expectations with its art galleries, parks and botanical garden, shopping and even pubs and nightlife. That being said, the Teatro alla Scala is the best place to visit to soak up all the Italian culture in the form of Opera performances. For the high end shopaholics dream destination, one need look no further than the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

For the football fan in us all, the San Siro Stadium, home of the world famous Italian Serie A teams, AC Milan and Inter Milan, is an unbeatable experience. With a capacity of over 80 thousand, it really is one of the finest venues to watch Italian football.

The Food To Be Had

Ossobuco Con Risotto Alla, Milan

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

As it is with the rest of Europe, so it is with Milan where the journey guide dictates that all experiences are planned around the places to eat. Some of the must have foods in Milan include the delectable Risotto Alla Milanese, a specialty of the city and Cassouela at Manna, a pork and cabbage stew, a considerably strange but very adventurous food.

Yogurt Dessert in Milan

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

One should consider the dining spots available in and around the main shopping areas of the city, such as the Obica and Nabucco in Brera, as these can add to the brilliant experience of shopping in this magnificent city. One should also consider the Giannasi dal 1967 at Piazza Bruno, a takeaway food joint as well as the myriad of places that sell authentic Milanese street food which is really some of the finest Europe has to offer.

Note: Milan offers great sweet food and desserts as well which should be tried if one isn’t completely stuffed already. So follow these Milan travel tips and enjoy the journey!

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