All You Need To Know To Plan A Trip To Salzburg!

Salzburg is possibly one of the most picturesque cities in all of Europe and fourth largest in Austria. Home to some of the most breathtaking historical sites from World War 2, Plan a trip to Salzburg with these helpful tips and wander like never before

Know the weather you want

The city is in the temperate zone and rarely sees very hot days which leads to huge tourist influx during the summer months. The warm but comfortable climate during the summer months makes for the perfect time to vacation in this city. That being said, if one wishes to make a shorter trip, it is advisable to visit during the months of September or October when less tourists visit the city. The weather during this time may be a little chilly and although it is the same around March and April, spring in Salzburg is really quite a sight for sore eyes.

Know what you want to see

Salzburg, much like most of the other important cities in Austria has seen a great deal of history and is therefore host to a myriad of historical sites spanning centuries. From the 11th century Hohensalzburg Castle to the Mirabell Palace of the 17th century, a tourist with a thirst for history will never be disappointed here. This also means it is necessary in advance to decide what one would like to see as is it very difficult to fit all the important sites into a vacation of a few days, even for the most active of tourists. The gardens and renaissance architecture of Hellbrunn Palace are sure to delight all who visit and should definitely be a top priority on the journey guide.

The experiences to be had

Salzburg is a city that offers a huge variety of experiences for all travellers and one really must chalk out their vacation guide properly to really take advantage of their time spent in this city. One of the top locations to visit is Hangar 7, a sort of showcasing museum for historical helicopters, airplanes and Formula 1 racing cars. The location also offers dining and several Red Bull related artworks, as the building is owned by Red Bull founder, Dietrich Mateschitz. For the adventurous tourist, Kapuzinerberg is a great walking/ hiking area on the eastern bank of the Salzach River and offers some fantastic views of the city. This location is perfect for the best photo ops that this city has to offer.

The food you wish to eat

This city, being an important part of history, has some of the best Austrian food in the country. Austrian food is heavily influenced by Italian, Hungarian and German styles of cooking and the Weiner Schnitzel should be a top priority on the list of foods to eat. Given that, naturally, there is a lot of food to try; one should attempt to soak up as much of the culture through the food as possible. A good tip is to actually plan your day around the meals you wish to eat. For a heavy meal like the schnitzel, plan to go to a more relaxed part of the city after, like the banks of the Salzach River, which makes for some picturesque evening walks. One should also try the Austrian schnaps and kasekrainer sausage to really complete the experience. Another food to definitely try is the Martini Gansl which comes highly recommended and a wurst off any of the corner stands cities all around Austria are absolutely delicious. The German Apfelstrudel is a great crisp and creamy dessert item for those with a bit of a sweet tooth to enjoy.

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