Top Tips To Plan a Trip To Seville

One of the most sought after holiday destinations in Spain, Seville is a cultural paradise like no other. Any Seville journey would be incomplete without the following tips to plan a trip to Seville : 

Know the weather you want

Depending on what is on the docket for your Seville trip, personally, the weather in Spain will play an important role. It is generally advisable to visit during the spring and fall season as it is the perfect, temperate weather, especially for an inland city like Seville. However, considering that this time is also very busy for the average working individual, May and June are good alternatives. That being said, June and the other summer months in this beautiful city see a nice, long 12 hours of daylight, which can allow one to make the most of their trip and is therefore something to be considered.

The sights you want to see

Considering the innumerable sights to see during your Seville vacation it can be difficult to fit everything into one trip. It is therefore advisable to chalk out a detailed vacation guide listing the most important ones, which will naturally vary from person to person. For the historical architecture enthusiast, the Alcazar of Seville and Giralda are a must see while the nature lovers in you would be more than satisfied visiting Maria Luisa Park. The Seville Cathedral, however, makes the journey guide for almost everyone with its stunning gothic architecture and landmark bell tower.

The experiences you want to have

Spain is one of the greatest spots to check out the best nightlife and parties that Europe has to offer and Seville doesn’t fall short of expectations in any way. The Bar Garlochi and Casa Anselma are both great spots to visit for people of all ages and are quite close by each other with La Carboneria being another close by spot to look into. This city is also the home of Flamenco dancing and catching a show at the Flamenco festival in September is something one should definitely consider. If one wishes to make the trip during a different time of the year, the Casa del Flamenco hosts shows in a small, intimate setting. The same venue has also been noted for its evening Tapas and excellent interior décor which really bring the performances to life.

The food you want to eat

No vacation in the world is complete without being deeply immersed in the culture through the local delicacies. Some of the finest establishments, quite nearby the above mentioned bars and pubs, include Eslava, La Azotea and La Brunilda Tapas. No Spanish meal is complete without the signature Spanish Tapas, Tortilla de patatas and delectable garlic prawns.

Where you want to stay

Although one can choose to stay in any kind of establishment depending on the budget available, it is best not to choose to stay in a hotel for a myriad of reasons. The better way to see Seville in all its glory is to stay in an apartment hotel like the Apartamentos Suites Santa Cruz or Patio De La Cartuja or even one of the many available AirBnbs. These lodgings come with most of the modern amenities at much lower charges than hotels. If, however, one would prefer to stay in a hotel, no hotel spells real luxury like the 5-star Hotel Alfonso XIII and El Rey Moro Hotel Boutique. Both of these spots come in at a hefty charge but are absolutely breathtaking places to stay and have all the modern amenities any traveller could ask for.

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