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Travel tips for a trip to United Kingdom: Visa, See, Get Around, Stay, Food

An air ticket, a valid visa, passport and enough money are the most important things which are required when you are planning a trip to United Kingdom. The country is a safe bet for the ones who are looking for luxury. A trip to United Kingdom is a must if you are an avid traveller. But before heading to this extravagant country, it is necessary to follow some tips so that your trip is smooth.

There are some amazing sights to see and things to do in United Kingdom, hence proper planning will make this trip, an unforgettable experience. Here’s a compiled list of some of the major travelling tips to follow for your trip to United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom tourist visa is not required for the citizens of United States of America for a stay of about 180 days. But others living in country other than United States, there is a procedure to be followed to apply for visa online with submission of prescribed official documents.

Best Time to Visit UK
The best time to visit United Kingdom is during the summer season that starts from early June and lasts up to mid September. This is the time when you get to see the true beauty of the country. The weather is warm, quite dry and perfect for a holiday.

Cities and Attractions
London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are some of the most famous places in United Kingdom. But there are some underrated gems like York, Cardiff and Windsor. So if you’re planning to United Kingdom, then make sure you’ve properly structured an itinerary so that none of these places are left out.

Local travel
In order to travel within the country, there are multiple options that are available. By air, train, bus or by a rented vehicle, you can opt for anything. But the most convenient one is the train ride. It is relatively cheaper and also helps in exploring the various place in a perfect manner.

While United Kingdom offers multiple and varied options for accommodation. Luxurious, moderate budgeted and cheap hotels are in a good number in United Kingdom. Even if you are staying in a modest hotel, you don’t have to worry about certain things like cleanliness and safety.

In addition to major attractions and usual sightseeing, United Kingdom is also known for a bustling nightlife. Major sporting events like English Premier League also are crowd puller and visiting United Kingdom during this period is strongly recommended.

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