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Italy is the land of ancient culture, the home of the renaissance and, of course, food. One of the crown jewels of this great country is Verona, a city in Northern Italy, world renown for being the setting of one of the most famous tales of romance in all of history, Romeo and Juliet.

This is the best travel guide to Verona which includes perfect time to visit the places and top attractions of Verona. Any Verona trip planner would be incomplete without the following tips-

Know the weather you want

Verona, like much of the rest of Europe, has very varied temperatures between the summers and winters. Between December and February, temperatures rarely go over 15 degrees Celsius which can be pretty miserable for some while others might really enjoy a hot Italian cappuccino at this time, inside of warm cafes that can be found on every street corner. On the other hand the summer months can be around 30 degrees Celsius or higher which can make enjoying the city on foot a bit of a tiring process.

The best course of action then is to plan a trip during the months of April and May when the crisp, cool air provides peak comfort and one can enjoy Verona the way it was meant to be. As a note, August generally sees some thunderstorms and can dampen the trip for most, making that the only time it is inadvisable to visit.

The sights you want to see

Adige River, Verona

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Verona is a stunning city built between and around the Adige River and, being the setting of Romeo and Juliet, one of the most popular tourist attractions is Juliet’s house which features a small balcony overlooking a courtyard.

The building itself is a 14th century residence and is a breathtaking piece of architecture that should be at the top of any journey guide to Verona. Besides this the town itself is full of old architecture that can be quite overwhelming to cram into even a two week long vacation and it is therefore advisable to choose in advance.



Verona Arena

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The roman amphitheater, Verona Arena, which hosts concerts and opera performances is definitely a sight not to be missed, while the Basilica of San Zeno is a piece of history that is sure to blow you away. The town itself is picturesque and with its lovely evening breeze, exploring on foot should be a high priority.

The experiences to be had

Torre dei Lamberti, Verona Italy

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Naturally, the architecture and history are a huge part of the Verona vacation guide but for those who wish to experience some of the greatest views in Verona, the Torre dei Lamberti is the place to be.

For the shopaholic in you, the Piazza delle Erbe is the perfect place to visit and spend a long evening. The walking tours from this square come highly recommended and provide great insight into the history of Verona.

Where you want to eat

If it’s Italy, its food and Verona is hard to beat when it comes to some of the most delectable meals money can buy. Considering the great and varied number of things you can eat during your Verona vacation, it is important to note some key foods to try beforehand.

The world famous Gnocchi is something one should not miss out on while the Pastissada de caval is a rare delicacy that is one for those who wish to try something new (Note: This is a horse meat stew in red wine).

Pastissada De Caval, Verona

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For the less adventurous traveller, Polenta gialla and Lesso con la peara should definitely be on the docket as these are some of the tastiest delights Verona has to offer. Bigoli is another Verona specialty; spaghetti made with sardines which really captures the taste of Italy on a plate.

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