Step 4 To Plan Europe Trip – Best Time To Go Europe

4rth step of planning an Europe trip is knowing what’s the best time to travel. See all the steps at a glance here.

When to go to Europe?

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European tourism is governed by peak season and off season. Peak season falls roughly between mid-June through August and offers a sunny landscape of greenery and exuberant colors. The days remain long and nightlife remains splendid. Try to travel in the peak season in Scandinavia, Britain, and Ireland, which rarely have the horrible crowds of other destinations, as their sights remain sleepy and it is also the best time when you can have the best weather and longest days possible. Keep in mind, contrary to the popular beliefs, Paris is surprisingly quiet in July and August. Italy’s peak season on the other hand is May, June, September, and October, rather than July and August.

November through March remains to be the off season of Europe as the continent gets enveloped with chilly winds and low temperatures. However, during this time airfare are often hundreds of dollars cheaper. Also, with very less crowds in Europe, you may get accommodation for less prices as many fine hotels drop their prices, and budget hotels will have plenty of vacancies.

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